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Specific Learning Disabilities Nelson Incorporated provides help for those with difficulty in reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.


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SLD Nelson operates locally in the Nelson, Tasman and Golden Bay area and offers professional expertise to children, teenagers and adults.

Help is given with difficulties caused by dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.

Student at Work SLD Nelson NZ


“The weekly lessons have enabled the children to focus on their own learning on a one to one basis and has targeted their personal needs.”  Parent of  four SLD students

“I would encourage parents to provide their children with SLD tutoring as the one on one time with specialist teachers is invaluable”.  Nelson SLD Parent

“We were very impressed with the assessment and tutoring our son received through SLD Nelson.  It really made a difference to his reading, writing and literacy skills.  We appreciated the help he received and recommend SLD tuition to other families.”